….is a blog

…is a space social interaction between citizens and BIBLIOVOLONTARI, but above all, 

…is a practice of research data and information, applying the instructions of the Manifesto “How to Spot Fake News”disclosed by’ (IFLA international Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) , to facilitate access to information manager: sharing of verification strategies, search tools and reliable sources at national and international level , based on the principles of accuracy, traceability, independence, legality, impartiality



“Librarians are very proud to be the people who are located at the intersection of knowledge and questions that people have,” says Harger . “What we have behind us is the knowledge of all mankind, yet we have not used in a way we have changed our actions.”

The editors “BiblioVolontari” are librarians and archivists, academic research specialists and not only (for free) dedicated to collaboration on social networks to share:

– Institutional sources certified at the national / international level,
– search tools to free and open access,
– verification strategies
– popular events that facilitate information literacy and media literacy

1) work (or have worked at least five years) as a librarian or archivist
2) use at least two social channels
( instagram or twitter or facebook or linkedin)
3) to contribute on a voluntary basis with at least 3 year post, no profit and without political purpose