Infodemic Olympics 2021

BiblioVerifica dedicates the Olympics 2021 to the GLOBAL INFODEMIC: Misinformation, bad science, scientific evidence, tips for debunking through 15 self-assessment.

Infodemic Olympics 2021

BiblioVerifica dedicates the Olympics 2021 to the Global INFODEMIC , through 15 self-assessment quizzes on Scientific evidence, Misinformation, Bad science, tips for debunking.

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1. A nurse in Alabama died hours after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

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2. In December 2020, the number of employed people in Italy reached its lowest absolute value from 2016 to 2021 (June)

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3. BUY DRUGS ONLINE WITH CAUTION. Only buy medicines online from authorised pharmacies. In Italy, such establishments must have the appropriate identification logo on their website, common throughout the European Union, ”Click here to check if this website is legal”. Just click on the logo and you will be redirected to the Ministry of Health’s website where you can check whether the online seller is registered on the list of authorised ones. If, on the other hand, the website is not linked to a pharmacy, buying a medicine online can be very dangerous.

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4. CHECK YOUR BIASES. Consider if your own beliefs or concerns could affect your judgement.

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5. VARIANTS OF SARS-COV-2 VIRUS HAVE BEEN REPORTED: WILL VACCINES BE EFFECTIVE ALSO AGAINST SUCH VARIANTS? SARS-CoV-2 virus is subject to frequent mutations. The vaccine-induced immune response protects against most of these variants although protection might be less effective against some of them.

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6. Gibraltar saw a surge in deaths since its government began vaccinating the population with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, with at least 53 deaths caused by or linked to the COVID-19 vaccine in Gibraltar.

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7. RANDOMISED CONTROLLED TRIALS (experimental) Subjects are randomly assigned to a test group, which receives the treatment, or a control group, which commonly receives a placebo. In ‘blind’ trials, participants do not know which group they are in; in ‘double blind’ trials, the experimenters do not know either. Blinding trials helps remove bias.

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8. SENSATIONALISED HEADLINES. Article headlines are commonly designed to entice viewers into clicking on and reading the article. At times, they can over-simplify the findings of scientific research. At worst, they sensationalise and misrepresent them.

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9. At the end of 2020, final consumption expenditure in Italy fell by 10%, the highest level since 2000

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10. NO BLIND TESTING USED. To try and prevent any bias, subjects should not know if they are in the test or the control group. In ‘double-blind’ testing, even researchers don’t know which group subjects are in until after testing. Note, blind testing isn’t always feasible, or ethical.

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11. IS IT A JOKE? If it is too outlandish, it might be satire. Research the source to be sure.

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12. COVID-19 vaccines contain luciferase, a substance named after the fallen angel Lucifer.

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13. ASSESSING BLOGS AND FORUMS WITH DUE CARE. They can be useful sources, but they can also be insidious because they offer stories of patients and their families that arouse empathy and involve emotions. Be careful because they are almost always subjective accounts, but not necessarily scientifically reliable. Critical reading is rigorous.

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14. CONFLICT OF INTERESTS. Many companies employ scientists to carry out and publish research – whilst this doesn’t necessarily invalidate research, it should be analysed with this in mind. Research can also be misrepresented for personal or financial gain.

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15. Vaccines are increasing the number of new variants of the COVID-19 virus and making vaccinated individuals more likely to infect others with new super-strains.

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