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BiblioVerifica shares our “DirectoryCovid19” to increase the sharing and usability of reliable sources and studies, available (some only temporarily) with open access on different platforms:

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As we see every day on our chats and social channels, disinformation finds in the pandemic a new field of action: the infodemia understood as “circulation of an excessive amount of information, sometimes not accurately sifted, which makes it difficult to orient oneself on a certain topic due to the difficulty of identifying reliable sources”.

Our editorial staff, librarians and archivists, offers digital reference [for free and on demand] and strategies supporting verification of data and facts through open access resources (journals, books, data).

Citizen Engagement

is an ongoing conversation with citizens, centering the specific fact or question, supporting searches in their social media. The blog purpose to consistently offer up tools and sources for fact checking in places at points in time that are relevant to the citizen, based on open science for data, books, articles, education resources freely usable for desired knowledge.


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