Citizen Engagement

is an ongoing conversation with citizens, centering the specific fact or question, supporting searches in their social media. The blog purpose to consistently offer up tools and sources for fact checking in places at points in time that are relevant to the citizen, based on open science for data, books, articles, education resources freely usable for desired knowledge.

The editors of BiblioVolontari and ‘formed by librarians and archivists, academic research specialists and not only (for free) dedicated to collaboration on social networks to share:

– open data, open books, open journals relieble at national / international level,
search tools free of charges,  
verification strategies,
events about information literacy and self learning


If you are a librarian or archivist we wait for your voluntary contribute as “BiblioVolontari” here
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1) to work (or have worked at least five years) as a librarian or archivist
2) to use at least two social channels
( instagram or twitter or facebook or linkedin)
3) to contribute on a voluntary basis with at least 3 year post without finalita ‘of lucre or political

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