BiblioVerifica dedicates the Olympics 2021 to the GLOBAL INFODEMIC: Misinformation, bad science, scientific evidence, tips for debunking through 15 self-assessment quizzes about:

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Infodemic Olympics 2021

BiblioVerifica dedicates the Olympics 2021 to the Global INFODEMIC , through 15 self-assessment quizzes on Scientific evidence, Misinformation, Bad science, tips for debunking.

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1. The COVID-19 vaccine has been proven to cause infertility in 97 percent of its recipients.

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2. Hank Aaron’s death is linked to the COVID-19 vaccine.

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3. MONITORING RESPECT FOR PRIVACY. Ensure that the owner of a site that handles users’ health information (e.g. through the ”expert answers” service) complies with privacy legislation and ensures data confidentiality.

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4. DON’T FALL FOR CONSPIRACY PSYCHOSIS. It is common to come across catastrophic news on the Web about the effect of vaccines and drugs. Never lose your ability to analyse and criticise, and always consult your doctor.

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5. COVID-19 vaccine injections, shown during press events being delivered to health care workers, are fabricated, using syringes with “disappearing needles.”

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6. After 17 months (8 August 2021) in Europe, deaths exceeded 1 million out of 61 million confirmed cases

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7. Being in close proximity to someone who has received a COVID-19 vaccine can cause unvaccinated women to have a miscarriage or experience menstrual cycle changes.

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8. CASE-CONTROL STUDIES (observational) Case-control studies are retrospective, involving two groups of subjects, one with a particular condition or symptom, and one without. They then track back to determine an attribute or exposure that could have caused this. Again, these studies show correlation, but it is hard to prove causation.

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9. CONSIDER THE SOURCE. Use recognized, responsible authorities.Ask some key questions: #Who is providing the content? #What do they know about the topic? #Why are they providing this information? #Where does it come from? #Is it up-to-date? #How is the site funded? #Is there advertising on the site, and, if so, is it clearly labeled?

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10. LOOK FOR TIMELINESS. IS THE INFORMATION CURRENT? LOOK FOR DATES ON THE RESEARCH. #Click on a few links on the site. If a number are broken, the site may not be kept up-to-date.

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11. In April 2020 in Europe the percentage of deaths increased by 25% compared to the 2016-2019 average, with increases of 80% in Spain, 41% in Italy, 36% in France

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12. COVID-19 vaccines have been proven to increase the risk of having a miscarriage.

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13. The mRNA vaccines being developed for COVID-19 will alter human DNA.

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14. COVID-19 vaccines are not being tested against a placebo in clinical trials.

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15. The COVID-19 vaccines violate the Nuremberg Code, which bans medical experiments from being performed on humans without their consent.

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