BiblioVerifica dedicates the Olympics 2021 to the GLOBAL INFODEMIC: Misinformation, bad science, scientific evidence, tips for debunking through 15 self-assessment quizzes about:

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Infodemic Olympics 2021

BiblioVerifica dedicates the Olympics 2021 to the Global INFODEMIC , through 15 self-assessment quizzes on Scientific evidence, Misinformation, Bad science, tips for debunking.

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1. SM-102, an ingredient in Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, is dangerous and has been listed as not being safe for human or veterinary use by a company that sells the ingredient.

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2. ASK THE EXPERTS. Ask a librarian, or consult a fact-checking site, official source like the WHO.

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3. CONSIDER THE SOURCE. Use recognized, responsible authorities.Ask some key questions: #Who is providing the content? #What do they know about the topic? #Why are they providing this information? #Where does it come from? #Is it up-to-date? #How is the site funded? #Is there advertising on the site, and, if so, is it clearly labeled?

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4. CHECK YOUR BIASES. Consider if your own beliefs or concerns could affect your judgement.

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5. ASSESSING BLOGS AND FORUMS WITH DUE CARE. They can be useful sources, but they can also be insidious because they offer stories of patients and their families that arouse empathy and involve emotions. Be careful because they are almost always subjective accounts, but not necessarily scientifically reliable. Critical reading is rigorous.

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6. BEWARE OF BIAS. WHO PAYS FOR THE SITE? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE? #For example, if a page about treatment of depression recommends a drug by name, is the information from the drug’s manufacturer?

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7. In 2020 deaths in Italy were higher than the 2015-2019 average, with increasing values especially in the last 3 months of the year

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8. The COVID-19 vaccine has been proven to cause infertility in 97 percent of its recipients.

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9. Gibraltar saw a surge in deaths since its government began vaccinating the population with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, with at least 53 deaths caused by or linked to the COVID-19 vaccine in Gibraltar.

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10. After 17 months (8 August 2021), more than 202 million cases have been reported worldwide, of which more than 4 million are fatal

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11. COVID-19 vaccine injections, shown during press events being delivered to health care workers, are fabricated, using syringes with “disappearing needles.”

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12. In June 2020 in Europe the percentage of people who lost their jobs was 5.7% in Spain, 4.5% in Italy, 3.1% in France compared to the previous year

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13. The mRNA vaccines being developed for COVID-19 will alter human DNA.

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14. In the months of total lockdown in Italy, industrial production was halved, especially for intermediate and capital goods

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15. CLINICAL TRIAL SHORTENED TO HAVE THESE VACCINES AVAILABLE QUICKLY. The studies that led to the development of COVID-19 vaccines did not skip any of the phases of verification of the efficacy and safety required for the development of a medicine; on the contrary, these studies saw the participation of a very large number of volunteers, about ten times higher than that of similar studies for the development of other vaccines. The rapid development and approval is due to new technologies, to the huge resources made available very quickly and to a new evaluation process by the regulatory agencies.

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